Anna Bingemann works simultaneously in the worlds of feature and commercial film, celebrity fashion, and print. She is renowned for catapulting ingénues such as Uma Thurman, Rachel Weisz, Claire Danes, Rosario Dawson, and Naomi Watts into veritable “stars” who are known for their perennial ability to generate buzz on the red carpet. She introduced Gwyneth Paltrow to Alexander McQueen, and conversely Rochas to Naomi Watts.  She knows just which vintage Atelier Versace dress will catapult Virginia Madsen’s re-entry to the Hollywood scene.  But despite her apparent savvy for Hollywood style, Anna has an edgy yet refined sensibility.  Her exposure to Vivienne Westwood, the New Romantics, and the cultural revolution in London during the 1980s remains ever-present in her print work. She is the stylist who created costumes for Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz, and Cameron Diaz in Cameron Crowe’s Vanilla Sky (2001). She also designed film icon Faye Dunaway’s costumes in Phillip Saville’s The Biographer (2002).  Anna worked with music video director Dave Meyers on projects with Britney Spears (“My Prerogative,” 2004) and Julia Roberts (“Dream Girl,” Dave Matthews’ Band, 2005). One could venture that Anna Bingemann is one of the most versatile stylists in the industry.

At once prescient about style and professional about her career, Anna just knows what’s “right.” Editors call upon Anna constantly for her style advice, her commentary on trends, and her spin on upcoming Oscar fashion.  Anna’s actress’s have even been known to call her when offered a new project for advice. Not one to abide by the dictates of commercial fashion (though not one to strive against them per se), Anna is faithful to her instincts. Her intuitive knowledge, paired with her relentless involvement with fashion and high profile personalities, continue serve her through a diverse and successful career.  So if it is not easy to peg Anna Bingemann to a particular niche of the industry, it is most likely because Anna is one of those rare stylists whose independence from the fashion world radiates subtley, not ostentatiously, with eloquence rather than impudence.

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